Space installation as key to new horizons

Space installations are interactive systems of symbols build out of more components, like video recorders, monitores and wires.. They are no social systems but act inside of those. Like the room itself (the walls, the floors, the doors, the windows) becomes a necessary constitutive component of the artefact, an viewer can move through it and become a constitutive component of the created system aswell. Although he experience hisself in a embedment to the system. He takes an internal point of view. Thereby the observation possibility  and the behave of orientation are entirely different compared to static artworks, as well as the argument of perception and the topic definition of the interaction is simulated by the space installation. This new opportunity of experience makes an important difference for the arts. (based on Bruce Nauman) So why should the amenity of it not be used for the exhibition space too?


walk-on-able spider’s web installation


interactive light and sound installation inside of an old containership


It is quite easy to find out the single relevant components of an installation, but the interactions happen between them are hard to discover as its causal context is barely to look trough. The possibilities of the interaction rise with the number of the parts dissimilitude. To transport museum visitors to new horizons it can be usefull to use instruments of the space illustrations. Open them doors to the exhibition topic in an audio-visual interactive way can open visitors minds within to a new world that is worth to figure out. Visitors will get leaded by the atmosphere and feel as part of the space they should get active inside.


landscape desire shown by a mountains gorge


climbing wall as interactive game




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