International Mountain Museum:the highest mountain in the world

Many people in the world may not know much about the small country called Nepal, but they certainly know about this peak, the tallest in the world, called Mount Everest.The Himalaya is the source of water resources for billions of people living in the world. Flora and fauna in the Himalayan range is the natural habitat for the thousands of known and unknown species that contribute in maintaining and restructuring the ecosystems of our world, day and night. The little surfaced cultural values of the mountain people, geological mysteries buried underneath; nature’s serene beauty- wonders on its rock- hard and melting surfaces- make the Nepalese proud and people of the world an epicenter for their explorations.

Mountains and mountaineering have a history of their own. Without preserving it, it will not be long before all the records and evidences will be lost forever. Nepal Mountaineering Association, established on 1 Nov 1973, initiated the establishment of International Mountain Museum (IMM) in Pokhara. The basic objective for its establishment was made to record, document and chronicle the past and present development of mountaineering activities in the world in general and to preserve the saga of the momentous feats in the history of mountaineering in the Himalayan peaks in particular. The foundation stone of IMM was laid on 1 Dec, 1995. The soft opening of IMM took place on 29 May, 2002 where it was officially opened on 5 Feb, 2004.


Mountaineering has a supreme status among Nepalese nationals. On May 29, 1953, the Nepalese Sherpaadan and New Zealand’s famous mountaineer Hillary Clinton achieved together the first human summit of Mount Everest – the highest peak in the world ,won a great honor for Nepal. The Government also attaches great importance to mountaineering, regards it as the important method revitalizing national economic, diplomatic, tourism and sports undertakings. Therefore, for the construction of international mountain museum, the Nepalese government and the Nepal Mountaineering Association put a great effort, spent 8 years. For site selection, design and construction, devoted a lot of efforts.

The museum built in the south of the Himalayas, surrounded by green grass, flowers and verdant, vision is very open. The shape of the museum design into a mountain, and blends with the surrounding mountains, reflecting the the concepts of the harmony between man and nature。Museum shows the mountaineering equipment used and the photos of different times the climbers from all over the world that climb Mount Everest and other world-famous mountain. Many photos are very valuable。The museum also collected a large number of geology, rock, animal/plant specimens ,also the living supplies and clothing of mountain minority of Nepal. It can be said it sets mountain climbing, scientific research, culture in one, reflects clear context of the history of the development of the international mountaineering since the 1950s, become an valuable wealth of international mountaineering, will play an important role for promote the alpine adventure, the development of mountain sportsand mountaineering culture.


Fonte:Sito Officiale dell’International Mountain Museum



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