Edible Cinema, a unique way to experience a film

Nowadays when you get inside a cinema, you always buy a popcorn and go to enjoy your film, but there seems no interaction between your food and the film you like. Always, you have a limited choice of the food they offer. Now in London, you can experience a special cinema which will change your normal process of enjoying a film. After you choose a film, you get a related food service. It links the food and the film culture. What about the film make some magic on the food?

As a collaboration between Soho House and unusual event specialists Teatime Production, Edible cinema wants to create a cinematic food experience that brings the watcher into the film with the menu and the flavors which are served. The screenings work like this: each audience can find a tray of small numbered containers at their own seat, which contains a bite-sized serving or mini cocktail. The film plays and at the specific moments, the food-matched sections are signaled by a screen-side light box, which shows food that should be opened to compliment the scene. So for a scene involving the sea, you might get something salty or smoky overtones for a gun fight. As an example, when you choose Romeo and Juliet to watch in the Edible Cinema, you start to expect what you are gonna eat during the file. Actually, when Romeo fell in love with Juliet, you will be served with a small bite of chocolate which gives you a strong feeling of deep love. It helps to set up the atmosphere of the movie and make you understand more about the mood of that moment.


*The menu of the film Romeo and Juliet

Well, kind of At around £38, it’s not cheap and makes sure you have a light meal first – In fact, don’t think you can save the money for a dinner because the service is more focus on giving you the emotional engagement. Edible Cinema has previously worked with food designer Andrew Stellitano and chef David Bradley. Their current menu consultants are experimental chefs Blanch & Shock and the rest of the Edible Cinema team to devise and develop menus.

People nowadays prefer to enjoy films with their lovers and friends at home and some of them even have a private cinema area at home, where the future of the cinema is looking more and more uncertain, this is something to be thankful for. Even if you do have to put up with the sound of rows of people masticating.






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