Tunç Fındık, 14×8000 Climbing Project

Tunç Fındık is a professional climber / mountaineer, climbing instructor and motivational/ inspirational speaker, mountain leader- guide and writer.


Heis an overall alpinist with more than 350 new routes, first winter ascents and first Turkish ascents in Turkish mountains and abroad, with a total sum of more than 800 summits and an uncountable number of short traditional rock climbs and frozen icefalls to his credit.

WHAT IS 14x 8000 ?

There are 14 summits of the mountains in the world which are above 8000m altitude. Only 33 people in the world could achieve climbing all of them.The first person who complete 14×8000 on the world is famous Italian alpinist Reinhold Messner in 1986 who achieved it in 16 years.This achievement can be called as a world record or also like a alpinism marathon which can not even be compared with winning a olimpic medallion. The reasons for that are difficulties and danger according to Tunç. Until today he achieved climbing 10 of them (Everest 2 times in different routes).
1. EVEREST (Chomolungma-Sagarmatha)8850 m /29.028 ft (Nepal/China border)   
2. K2  (Chogori) 8611 m /28.250 ft (Pakistan /China border)  —  known as the Savage  Mountain due to the extreme difficulty of ascent.  About one person dies on the mountain for every four who summit.
3. KANGCHENJUNGA 8586 m /28.169 ft (Nepal / India border)
4. LHOTSE 8516 m / 27.940 ft (Nepal/China border)
5. MAKALU 8463 m /27.766 ft (Nepal/China border)
6. CHO OYU 8205 m /26.906 ft (Nepal/China border) 
7. DHAULAGİRİ 8167 m /26.795 ft (Nepal)
8. MANASLU 8163 m/ 26.781 ft (Nepal)
    9. NANGA PARBAT 8125 m /26.660 ft (Pakistan)
   10. ANNAPURNA 8091 m /26.545 ft (Nepal)
11. GASHERBRUM I (Hidden Peak) 8068 m /26.470 ft (Pakistan/ China border)
    12. BROAD PEAK (Falchen Kangri)  8047 m /26.400 ft (Pakistan/China border)
    13. GASHERBRUM II 8035 m /26.360 ft (Pakistan /China border)
14. SHİSHAPANGMA 8013 m /26.290 ft (China) 

Some parts from an interview

ExplorersWeb: Are you after the 14, 8000ers?

Tunc: After Lhotse in 2006 I thought why not to do all the 8000 meters peaks? I am physically good at altitude and expert at technical terrain and with a bit of financial support, this is very possible. I’m not rich and certainly don’t have very big sponsors but things do flow for me with new frontiers opening as I go on my way.

I’m an ordinary climber and respect the outstanding people who finish all the 8000 meter peaks in alpine style or without oxygen support. My aim is not to compete with anyone or to join a list of very elite and hard climbers though. I will try to summit all the 8000 m. peaks as I go along, it’s a goal that takes a lifetime.

To summit an 8000 meter giant makes me feel great and that feeling alone is what drives me.

ExplorersWeb: Who inspires you?

Tunc: Great climbers such as Messner, Bonatti, Cassin, Terray, Buhl and many others inspired me, and continue to do so.



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