Interactive Museum

Museums are increasingly creating interactive exhibits to increase audience engagement. The integration of digital technologies challenges museum learning and it has become common in recent years. Responding to a growing demand, a large amount of digital content has become available online on museum websites and cultural platforms, on social media and crowdsourced platforms. Thousands of people can use museum online collections for their research, for inspiration and learning. Through social media channels museums engage with millions of people.

Digital media are used for taking attraction, to increase motivation and awaken interest and curiosity for learning. Transmedia content and games offer engaging interactions . Even “dialogic” apps on smartphones allow visitors to chat in real-time with museum educators who answer their questions about works of art.

According to Ed Rodley who is an exhibit developer with over twenty years experience in all aspects of exhibition developments and currently working at Museum of Science in Boston, interactive exhibits can engage visitors in active and prolonged learning experiences of astonishing depth and duration.He says that interactivity needs to be linked both to the exhibition’s content and physical environment. The interactive exhibit should provoke emotional responses, encourage to play, reward visitors and respond to visitors’ actions. last but not least, it has to be visitor focused and easy to understand and use.Then he describes the succesfull characteristic for games to work in a museum context which are easy and friendly rules that players can accept to be submitted to; variable outcomes; players’ engagement; flexible outcomes and consequances.

The Most Interesting Game Apps for Museums:

  • Race against Time by Tate Gallery,
  • Meanderthal by Smithsonian,
  •  Eduweb’s augmented reality app MoonWalking,
  • LaunchBall by Museum of Science in Boston.

Several different approaches can be considered to increase demand for the museums and audience participations.


Murder Goes Mobile at the Met!

An Amurder-at-the-met2merican Art Mystery, the first mobile detective game created by The Metropolitan Museum of Art.Through the smartphone app, Met visitors are transported back in time to 1899, where they are attending an evening gala and are shocked to learn of the murder of Virginie Gautreau–who has since been immortalized in the painting Madame X by John Singer Sargent. Thanks to the app, every visitor becomes a detective, using their smartphones to explore museum objects and interview suspects and witnesses to unearth the killer, his or her weapon, the place of the murder, and the killer’s motive.



Explore animation from concept to finished product — from storyboarding, character design, and drawing techniques to movement, timing, filming and sound. Larger-than-life graphics of popular Cartoon Network characters provide a colorful backdrop to the exhibition, which also explores the history of animation and features a screening room and a cartoon museum. Ages 4 and older.

Tartu Observatory

-enjoy fascinating tours of the 1.5 metre telescope building and Stellarium
-participate in captivating public observation nights
 -try to communicate with a satellite at the control centre of ESTCube-1                                                                                                      -participate in practical space-related work and experiments
-take part in discussion nights with scientists
-learn about the space lab and its services
-conduct innovative team trainings
-organize seminars at the observatory



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