Museum Approaches

There are several types of museums which can be grouped according to their subject, content, style, years, architecture and more. At the present time, perception of people became more open and with every next new museum and exibition helped them to broaden their minds. On the contrary, in the past when someone hears about museum, only things coming to mind were art, history and archeology. Even if these museums still keep their majority and importance, todays exhibition area became pretty wide. In this article, these diffent ways of approach on museum exibition is gonna be seen.

Military Museum(Vojni muzej), Belgrade

Beograd Military Museum is situated in the Belgrade Fortress sits at the heart of the city between the Sava and Danube rivers and consists of the old citadel plus Kalemegdan Park.

Inside the museum , the exhibits are found in a single long hall which are progressing from ancient through medieval and then towards modern. All exhibits are labeled in the Serbian Language in both Cyrillic and Latin, as well as English but English expalanations are missing in some parts. Outside the museum, there are numerous tanks, howitzers, and armoured cars of many types.

It also has a specialized library with over 15.000 titles from fields of History, the History of Art, Archaeology, Museology and other similar scientific branches and with more than 5000 magazines.

DSC_0462.JPGDSC_0467.JPG DSC_0468.JPG

Organization of the museum is quite good and clear. All the collections are placed according to years that they belong. Therefore, after entering the museum, visitors can get into adventure of history which is placed on that lands starting from first Slavic medieval states until the end of First World War and birth of first Yugoslav country. Historical periods are displayed trough key events like: Kosovo Battle, Serbian Principality and Ottoman Conquer, First and Second Serbian Uprising, Serbian-Turkish Wars, Balkan Wars and First World War.

DSC_0532.JPG DSC_0537.JPG

Along the museum, interior of the building is kept simple with a emphasize on the exhibits by lighting and variety of components such as : weapons, clothes, maps, letters, pictures, models of the lands etc. While original collections are kept into glass partitions, copy of the collections are exhibited more freely.

DSC_0528.JPG DSC_0509.JPG

There are also several interactive exhibits combine with models of the lands by using tablets.

DSC_0515.JPG DSC_0516 (2).JPG

Kunstkamera Museum (St.Petersburg)

Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (the Kunstkamera) is one of the richest ethnographical museums in the world. Today, collections of Peter the Great’s Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (Kunstkamera) are among the most complete and interesting in the world. These collections contain nearly two million artifacts and reflect the diversity of traditional cultures in the Old and New World. The Museum has always been one of the world’s largest centers where human cultural heritage is studied, continuing the traditions of the great Russian cultural and physical anthropologists of the 18 – 20th centuries.


There are 5 levels of exhibition in the museum.

  • 0 level
  • Museums shop, checkroom
  • 1 level
    North America
    Kunstkamera’s Building History
    Exhibition “The world of an Object”
  • 2 level Near and Middle East
    China. Mongolia. Korea
    India. Indonesia.
    First Scientific Collections of the Kunstkamera
  • 3 level Mikhail Lomonosov and the Academy of Sciences of the 18th century
    Temporary Exhibition
  • 4 level First Astronomical Observatory of the Academy of Sciences
  • 5 level Great Gottorp Globe

However one of the most interesting and shocky part of the museum was placed in second level and exhibits first scientific collection of the Kunstkamera. In this part of the museum photo shooting is not allowded. The old ladies which is called as ‘babuşka’ are missioned to warn you. However official website provides a virtual tour with panaromic views from all around the museum.

This collection includes:KunstKamera-Museum-Petersburg-660x495.jpg


-Peter’s I Range of Interests
-The “Emperor’s Cabinet”
-Peter and his Collection of Monsters
-Giant Bourjois (Giants and Dwarfs)
-Anatomical TheatreKunstKamera-creepy-museum-Russia-660x547.jpg
-The First Anatomists of the Academy of Science
-Maria Sybilla Merian and the Gsells

-Frederik Ruysch
-Preparations with Injected Vessels
-Embryo Preparations
-Ruysch’s “Cabinet”
-The Art of Embalmmenthttpweb1.kunstkamera.ruenglish (5).jpg
-Frederik Ruysch’s Technique
-Frederik Ruysch and Albert Seba

-Teratology. The History of Science
-Human and Animal Embryos
-Twin Monstrosities
-Single Monstrosities
-Limb Defects

-Collection of teeth extracted by Peter I
-Wax Brain Model in a Natural Skull
-Skeleton of Nicolas Bourjois
-Janus-Faced Monster
-Baby Head from F. Ruysch’s Collection
-Injected specimen from F. Ruysch’s collection

Key Museum (Izmır)

The Key Museum was born in the soul of the collectors Murat Özgörkey, Vice President Selim Özgörkey, and the Chief Executive Officer of E. Özgörkey group. The museum was built on a 7000 meter square area and it has been displaying the different collections of parts which have been collected from not only Turkey but all over the World since 2001.

It has 5 different exibition component which are: 130 cars which tell the magnificent story of the automobile world since the first car was produced in 1886 , examples of 40 different motocycles from the 19th century to the modern day , with a history dating back to ancient egypt a wide collection consisting of 300 pieces of mascots/hood ornaments which were the most prestigious accessories during the 1990s , 2550 model cars at the scale of 1/8 , 1/12 and 1/18 , scarves which was one of the most important symbols of fashion in the 20th and classical cars , the original equipment which were used at gas stations since the beginning of the 1900s. This company ‘s aim is not only protect the originality of every part in key museum, but also make them better than they used to be. 10351177_10153903456025912_6548748406582978011_n.jpg


Contrary to state museums, collections of this museum are collected by family members and kept going this action in a serious way which was started as a hobby. Their purpose are enlarging the collection more and more by adding new parts on the museum building and giving wide publicity to visitors. Together with this idea, in last year they cooperated with interior design department of Izmir University of Economics. Students of second year had to work on a idea of designing an multimedia library into the museum.  In this way, they showed that giving a importance to improvement of changing technology and trends to draw attention with more and more people.


Starting from the enterence, museum is designed with a concept and a modern style. For learning about visitor’s opinion about museum, memory notebook placed near the exit.


Neslihan Irtem


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